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Meniscus Tear

Can a torn Meniscus heal itself?

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A Meniscus Tear is a very common knee injury. It is very common among athletes especially ones involved in contact sports. However, it is very possible for anyone to tear their meniscus. The meniscus acts as a cushion for your knee and absorbs shock while keeping the knee steady. Meniscus tears can occur from abrupt turning or twisting motions in the feet and knees. As you age, you also become more likely to have a meniscus tear due to it wearing down over time.

When you experience a meniscus tear you are likely to feel a pop or click in the knee joint followed by pain, weakness, loss of the range of motion or difficulty standing for prolonged periods of time. Usually an MRI of the knee will be done to confirm the diagnosis of a meniscal tear and to determine the location of the tear to see if it can be repaired or trimmed out. This can be done in most cases via arthroscopic microsurgery on a same day basis. Rehabilitation usually begins the next day and last for approximately 4-6 weeks. If a repair can be done, the rehabilitation may take longer, to allow the meniscus to heal. Return to sports is usually within 4-6 weeks for a trimming of the meniscus and may require a longer period if a repair is done to allow the meniscus to heal.

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