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Total Hip Replacement

What is the process before and after Hip Replacement?

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When I Should Consider a Total Hip Replacement?

In many cases, there is no “perfect time” for a Hip Replacement procedure.  However, Dr. Nicholas Alexander always ensures that patients have tried conservative measures such as Physical Therapy and Joint Injections.  If these treatments have not provided adequate relief of hip pain or a return to an active lifestyle, Hip Replacement is then discussed.Fortunately, many of the drawbacks associated with traditional Hip Replacement procedures can be avoided with the utilization of Mahwah Valley Orthopedic Associates innovative pre-surgery program.  During surgery, Dr. Nicholas Alexander utilizes only the latest advancements in surgical approaches, surgical technology and surgical implants.  Dr. Alexander also serves as the Chairman of the Total Joint Center at the prestigious Valley Hospital.

It is this expertise, combined with his over 20 years of experience, that makes Dr. Alexander New Jersey’s Joint Replacement Expert.


Our Unique Approach to Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement procedures can have several different approaches and these are based on each patient and their specific condition.  Dr. Alexander ensures that he discusses all possible surgical options with each patient and it is his goal to return patients to an active and healthy lifestyle in the quickest and safest way possible.Although the surgical approach may differ for certain patients, Hip Replacement Procedures utilize 4 basic steps:

Preparing the bone: The damaged femoral head is removed and replaced with a metal stem that is placed into the center of the femoral stem is cemented or pressed into the bone.

Positioning of the implant: A metal or ceramic ball is placed on the upper part of the stem. This ball replaces the damaged femoral head that was removed.

Resurfacing the joint: The damaged cartilage surface of the socket is removed and replaced with a metal socket. Screws or cement are sometimes used to hold the socket in place.

Inserting the spacer: A  ceramic, or metal spacer is inserted between the new ball and the socket to allow for a smooth gliding surface for the hip


How To Know if a Total Hip Replacement is Right for You?

Patients who are considering a Total Hip Replacement are often given an abundance of information about the procedure by friends and family and this information can be confusing and overwhelming.  At Mahwah Valley Orthopedic Asssociates, Dr. Alexander believes in creating a unique approach for each patient based on his/her lifestyle and goals.  He also believes that Total Hip Replacement should only be considered when other more conservative options have not provided relief from chronic hip pain.

If you are considering a Total Hip Replacement, contact our offices in Mahwah or Clifton, NJ to discuss your options with Dr. Nicholas Alexander.

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